Managing and prioritizing high leasing and resident call volume is a huge pain point for property managers. Property managers and their staff are typically conducting tours, handling resident issues, or not onsite after-hours to pick up calls. As a result, calls are often missed and stored in an unorganized voicemail box that takes time to sort through. This leads to fewer leases and poorer resident satisfaction. JobCall is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that uses automated speech recognition to triage calls and route them to the appropriate staff.

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Tejaswy Ramesh

Product Manager
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Prior: Product-Operations at Rex; BizTech at ResProp Management; UCLA BS Math and Economics; Global Sales at American Airlines.

Tejaswy has a background in product management and operations. He most recently worked in a product-operations role at Rex, where he managed the order fulfillment, including the order-to-cash cycle, and the product development lifecycle for GetDone. Prior to Rex, he participated in ResProp Management’s BizTech program, where he helped operate a 402-unit multifamily property in Miami, FL. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics from UCLA.

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Georges Colbert

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
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Prior: Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Rex; Data Scientist at Homesnap; Machine Learning consultant at Clearstep; M.S. and B.S. in Information Systems from University of Maryland.

Machine Learning expert with 5 years of experience building Artificial intelligent applications for startups.  Hands-on experience in leading teams that build AI NLP products that read text, AI Computer Vision products that review images, and machine learning pipelines that drive smart business decisions.

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